How To Effectively Raise Twins

Twin boys (13-15), close-up, portraitThese days, there have been an increase in twin pregnancies. In the U.S. alone about 3 out of every 100 pregnant women give birth to twins or triplets. Unfortunately, only a few moms are really experienced on how to raise newborn twins.

It goes without saying that parenting twins require double work even when it can bring double joy. As part of the survival mode, your ability to plan ahead is the key to not feeling over your head with twins parenting. Here is everything you ever wanted to know about raising twins.

1. Alternate holding and floor time

It is advisable to regularly alternate holding floor time with both twins especially if you worry that they will fuss if you are not holding them. While you hold one in your arms, ensure to sit on the floor near a play area where the other twin can be set down on a mat, infant seat or blanket. You can put down the one in your arms once the baby on the floor starts to fuss.

2. Get used to your double stroller

Apart from a leisurely stroll, your double stroller serves as your extra arm. It will be used for everything. In fact, you will require a double stroller to get the twins to the car. At one point in time or the other, you will sure need something to carry your twins. Before venturing out on your own, it is important you learn the ins and outs of your stroller and how it can be folded and unfolded.

3. You can breastfeed at the same time

With one twin on each breast, you can feed both babies at the same time. However, this practice requires great patience and coordination. Like balancing two bobbing heads, you will need to practice how both babies can be breastfed at the same time. It will save you the stress and time required to feed two babies at different times.

4. Sharing one crib is fine

Until they move into their childhood beds, it is good to practice crib-sharing. Twins tend to sleep better when they know that the other is close by. But when the twins begin to wake each other up, roll and bump into one another it is recommended to switch to two cribs. While one crib is fine, it is important to understand that there is an absolute need for a double stroller and two car seats for newborn twins.

5. Dress them alike

Seeing twins dressed in matching outfits presents an incredible cuteness. Although some critics argue that the practice can be very harmful as it can damage their individuality. However, this is not always feasible especially from a practical standpoint. Apart from the fact that it celebrates their special relationship as twins, it’s just plain easier to dress young children alike… it’s fun, it’s cute!

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