Want to make your kid’s summer time super exciting, visit Flippo’s!

Weather in South Florida is always unpredictable, and there is no doubt that it is very difficult to keep your kids entertained all the time at home. If you want your kids to have fun along with some indoor adventure activities in Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, take your kids to Flippo’s. It offers wider range of kid’s activities that you cannot provide at home. It is a family entertainment center, by joining Flippo’s not only kids but also parents can engage with their kids in indoor play activities and it will be fun for them to play with their kids and to see their kids all happy and smiling!

Along with the kid’s activities, Flippo’s also arrange for the mind-blowing birthday parties for your kids in Fort Lauderdale and nearby areas. Once you plan your birthday party at Flippo’s your child will begging to come back again next year. The birthday parties are filled with fun and excitement at Flippo’s and everything is arranged by us from food to cake and also some of the exciting add-ons like amazing Magic Show, Superhero Character arrival, face painting and much more. You can select from our wide range of birthday packages to make your kid’s birthday most exciting one. Flippo’s has a wider range attractions like- main play ground, laser maze, time freak, toddler area, ball blaster and sports court, that will keep your kids active, also encourage them in socializing and most importantly it will give your kids an enjoyable experience.
  • Flippo’s indoor playground structure is perfect for the kids from toddlers to 14 years of age. They will have best time of their lives as the play areas encourages them to climb, slide, explore, learn , imagine and play. We also invite parents to engage with their kids in a playful environment.
  • Flippo’s Laser Maze literally gets the player inside the game. It is a dark room strung with lasers that creates a 3-D web and your kids need to get on the other side through lasers without getting caught. It’s packed with adventure, skill and action. Kids can go alone or with their own group and explore their way through twisted series of lasers. Kids can challenge their friends for a race through laser maze.
  • Our Toddler area is perfect for three years old or younger and is stocked with fun. Your kids will enjoy playing and learning with you with multicolor toys, shapes and wall puzzles and toddler are is safe for engaging your child with other kids.
  • Ball Blaster – your kids will have the exciting time of their life by exploring through obstacles, tunnels, while escaping from balls blasted at them by their friends. And can have even more fun by being a ball blaster.
  • Flippo’s sports court offers many things like playing soccer, practice slam dunks and free throws and many other things which can be played alone or with a group.
With Flippo’s parents can be sure that their kids are enjoying and playing in a safe environment. With all the Flippo’s activities your kids will be enjoy playing along with learning and socializing.

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