7 Tips On How To Raise A Genius!

pic3Many parents think that a child must be smart to become a genius, but that is not necessary. Attention is all the child needs to scale up. If you are looking to raise a genius you need to devote time and love for your child.

The brain of a child forms trillions of connections during the first decade of his life. New connections are made whenever your child experiences something new which can be used to learn something better in other areas. At this time, he would learn quite a lot of things that he could ever do. For example, how music lessons can significantly improve their math skills.

If you are wondering how you can boost your child’s intelligence as early as possible, here are some helpful tips that can effectively help you reach their greatest potential.

1. Make use of every opportunity to teach

There are ample opportunities to teach your child about the world in everyday life. You can teach your child how to compare prices when you take him out for shopping. Ask for an item by name (e.g. apple or orange) and let your 3 or 4-year-old find it for you. Give them the opportunity to pick them out by themselves. Also, feel free to talk to your child about what you did at work when you return.

2. Encourage curiosity

As toddlers, children tend to be very curious at their preschool age. This is when they seem to be interested in knowing everything around them. However, their curiosity tends to decline once they attain school age. You can re-spark this curiosity by taking them out to libraries, museums, musical shows, art galleries and other places where they can discover interesting new things.

3. Praise them properly

Even when your child brings a not-so-good test paper, it is good you give him positive praise. This can encourage him to work harder. Encourage him with not too positive nor too negative statements like “You’ve almost got it right!”

4. Read to your child

As the foundation of knowledge, reading helps to give your child lots of information about life and the world. Apart from helping them learn easier, the act of reading to your child can also make them smarter.

5. Talk with techniques

Rather than asking mere yes-no questions, you can help your child think about what he knows by asking open questions. Let them understand that you value their opinion. Improve your child’s vocabulary and understanding of language by using words you are comfortable with and avoiding “baby talk” when talking to them.

6. Be creative

Learn to be creative and fun when showing your kids how to do things. Try to get creative with your kids by building things with your hands and then show them how to build those things on their own.

7. Maintain a close bond

Let your child know you are there for him if he needs anything. Ask them how they are doing in school and let them talk to you about their feelings. Sit with them at dinner and ensure to maintain a connection.

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