History of Halloween: How Halloween Benefits Your Children

Flippos Happy Halloween 2016Halloween is one of the most widely celebrated events of the year. It is usually celebrated on the 31st of October, which marks the eve of “All Hallows Day” (an ancient western Christian feast).

Halloween begins with a three-day observance dedicated to remembering those who have died including; martyrs, saints and the faithfully departed. It was originally an ancient Celtics harvest festival, but was later Christianized in the 835 AD.

Benefits of Halloween celebration to children

On Halloween day, children wear costumes and go from house to house on what is known as trick or treating. During this celebration, children meet homeowners and ask for treats like candy and in some cases money. The child asks the homeowner; “trick or treat”? If the person who answers the door doesn’t give the child or children treats, then a trick is played on the homeowner. The pretend play is highly recommended for children as it helps the development of their language skills, social and emotional skills, thinking skill and it also helps in developing their imagination.

Language skills

During Halloween, you find your child using new words as they play the part of the villain or a hero. Their imitation of these character, as well as how they reenact stories can be very impressive, and this helps them make meaningful connections between written and spoken language which in turn helps them when it’s time to learn how to read.

Social and emotional skill development

When a child joins other children in trick or treating during Halloween, that child actively experiments with emotional and social roles. This helps in the development of feelings and building self-esteem. It helps the child learn how to work with others in society.

Thinking and imaginative skills

In some cases, children have to develop strategies during trick or treating. They think of different ways through which they can punish the house owner that turns them down. This enhances their imagination and grooms them into innovative young members of society.

Trick or treating and the entire Halloween celebration always leaves memorable and precious moments in the hearts of your child, and is an excellent opportunity for parents to know the emotional capabilities of their children. What happens when your child is afraid of Halloween?

With all the zombies, monsters and ghosts in cartoons and movies, it’s not unusual to find children who are afraid whenever it’s Halloween time. As a parent, you have a role in helping your child overcome these fears by looking for ways to emphasizing the fun and not the scary aspects of the celebration.

In order to help your child overcome Halloween fears, find an alternative to trick or treating. Also, allow your child choose their costume, and be observant and take note of signs of anxiety or stress in you’re the exercise. Don’t try to minimize the fear. Most importantly, bring your child to Flippo’s Kid’s Indoor Playground’s Halloween event, located in Fort Lauderdale (Sunrise area) on October 28th at 5pm.

At Flippo’s your child will learn to appreciate the beauty of Halloween and overcome any feeling of fear while being engaged in various games, crafts, raffles and photoshoots.

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