Family activities create long lasting memories!

How to create family memories?

As the weather heats up here in sunny Fort Lauderdale, families are beginning to head inside to seek the comfort of indoor air conditioning. While the cooling environment provides much needed relief from the scorching Florida sun, it can become quite a challenge for parents to keep their kids physically active while under one roof, especially when the comfy couch and latest video game are as hard for our children to resist as a sugar-laden treat.

As each family member retreats to their own separate rooms and individual leisure activities such as reading and watching television, there becomes little opportunity to bond and make family memories, which has parents searching for kids activities Fort Lauderdale.

How, then, can we as parents not only keep kids physically active while inside but also create opportunities for bonding as a family? The solution is to get those kiddos out of the house and moving around.

Filippo’s Family Entertainment Center is an indoor playground in Fort Lauderdale and provides a perfect place to spend hot summer days as a whole family. Unlike most other family entertainment centers, our indoor playground equipment caters to adults as well as children, which means that parents can do more than just stand on the side lines- they can join in the fun!

This is really a key advantage, as it is very important for parents to create lasting memories with their children by actively engaging with them. Older children especially appreciate these rare moments when mom and dad step out of their traditional authority roles, becoming friends through competitive play.

Every parent that has ever been enticed to play a game of tag or hide and seek with their kids knows just how much their children enjoy playing with their parents. Their joy can be heard in their fits of laughter that inevitably engulf them after giving chase to mom and dad. They will often talk about these memories for years to come.

So get out of the house and bring the family to Flippo’s Family Fun Center in Ft Lauderdale, Florida! From our competitive Time Freak to our super-sized jungle gym, a family can easily spend an entire day in physical activity while strengthening family bonds.

The best part is that while everyone is busy exploring all the different activities at Filippo’s Family Fun Center in Fort Lauderdale, they are moving around, getting physically active and staying healthy without even realizing they are technically exercising. Of course, the purpose of family physical activity is two-fold. Keeping everyone healthy and moving around while create lasting memories and strengthening family bonds. But there is also a third benefit that comes from getting off the sidelines and engaging in fun physical activity with your kids. Parents end up having a blast too!

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