Meet Flippo

Flippo is a very energetic hippo who loves playing and making new friends. He’s the official mascot of Flippo’s and can be found hanging out at the Ball Blaster or grabbing a snack in the café. Flippo loves birthday parties, and he’ll never miss an opportunity to stop by for a slice of pizza and cake!

Flippo at Flippo’s Birthday Party Fort Lauderdale FL and nearby areas

Name: Flippo the Hippo

Occupation: Official Mascot for Flippo’s

Hobbies: Dancing, juggling, swimming and exploring

Favorite foods: Mozzarella Sticks and Chicken Paninis

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite activities: Ball Blaster and Laser Maze

Personality attributes: Friendly, outgoing, silly and adventurous

When he grows up: Flippo dreams of being a veterinarian