Flippo’s FAQ’s

Are socks required?

Yes, even though our attractions are sanitized we do ask for all the participants to wear socks for safety and hygienic reasons. Socks reduce the risk of an injury greatly. If you forgot your pair, you can purchase a pair from our retail counter.

Can we leave and come back later in the day?

You are welcome to stay and play at Flippo’s if you like, but once you exit the premises your admission for the day expires. If you return later in the same day, you would pay admission fees and receive a new wristband.

How often do you sanitize your attractions?

Our play structures, activity rooms, dining area, party rooms and restrooms are sanitized continuously throughout the day. We maintain a clean, sanitized environment for all our guest’s health and safety.

Can I leave my children there to play?

Children must be accompanied by an adult or guardian over the age of 16. We occasionally host special Drop Off nights where unaccompanied kids can stay and play, but all other open play times require a guardian.

Can we bring in our own food?

Outside food is not permitted at Flippo’s. We offer a full menu at Flippo’s Café that caters to many dietary needs. If you have a special diet such as kosher or vegan restrictions, please call ahead and we will coordinate with our chef.

Can we bring a cake in for a birthday celebration?

A birthday cake can be brought in, ONLY if you are having a birthday party at Flippo’s, and have purchased a package.

Is a Waiver needed for every participant?

Yes, you can fill out a waiver for each participant online or on site at Flippo’s at the waiver station. The waiver is filled out only once per year, and is then stored electronically, so you don’t have to sign a new one before each visit.

Is a deposit needed when a birthday party is booked?

Yes, we do ask for $200 deposit, which is applied to your total price.

Can my child’s camp come to play at Flippo’s?

Yes, we have amazing camp packages, which you can view here. Please call us for information on our special summer camp packages.

Looking for a fun, exciting venue for your next fundraising event?

Flippo’s supports schools, churches, community groups, sports teams and other groups with special discounts for charitable gatherings.

Perks of booking your next fundraiser at Flippo’s can be found here.

Do we need to bring our own decorations for a birthday party?

No, when you book a birthday party at Flippo’s, we take care of decorating, set up and the cleaning. All you do is bring the children and enjoy!

If you would like to bring in your decorations, we can set them up for you. We ask that you bring them in at least 1 day before the party by 5 pm.

It’s 1 (9 inch) balloon per every child in the party. If you are bringing your own balloons to be filled up, you will be charged for helium per staff’s discretion.

Can I come in earlier, before my party starts?

You are not allowed to enter the party room prior to the party to start setting up by yourself, without a party host.

You and your guests can enjoy the playground prior to the party, but you will only be allowed into the room at your designated time.

What happens if not all my guests arrive for my party?

Please keep in mind you will be charged for the number of kids in your booking, not how many show up on the day of the event!

Therefore, please give us a correct number of kids in your party in advance! Additional children are charged separately!

Please make sure to have any changes/special requests in writing, you can always request a copy of the invoice, after each change.

What is your cancellation/change policy:

Full refund is issued for cancellations 14 days or more prior to the event.

For cancellations 13-4 days before the event, a Flippo’s gift card will be issued.

For events canceled less than 4 days prior to the event, there will be no refund.


Change of time/number of rooms/additional hours or guests at least 7 days prior to the event. Please note that with custom theme decorations, earlier notice is suggested, or some of the guests might have a bit different settings.

Any changes associated with the cake or with decorations need to be notified at least 2 weeks in advance.

Add ons, such as face painting/magic show/goodie bags need to be added at least 10 days prior to the event.

Any changes associated with the cake or with decorations need to be notified at least 2 weeks in advance.

The timing for the food to be served, can be only changed at least 1 day prior to the event. New food orders need to be done at least 1 day in advance. Fruit and Vegetable platters might not be available on the day of the event.

Please understand, that these rules are set in place, to have all your wishes met, and to run the party smoothly. Flippo’s team will try to outdo themselves, to provide the best experience for you, but no guarantees can be made if these rules are not met.

Do you have staff watching the children at each attraction?

Yes, we have trained staff keeping a watchful eye at each attraction and monitoring the entrance/exit of our facility.

Where are you located?

We are located at 801 N Federal Hwy, unit 201, Hallandale, FL 33009