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Following are the dates of our camp

The Camp is $299 per week or $89 a day.

Date of camp

Jun 10th to August 13th

Hrs of Camp 8am to 5pm

Whole location is for exclusive Campers use ONLY. One and only facility of that size and scale.

Whole Facility Exclusive For Campers Use Only

Imagine stepping into the only facility of its kind, where the thrill is supersized, and the fun is larger than life! Welcome to our indoor camp extravaganza, a colossal playground filled with exciting games, laughter, and memories waiting to be made. Get ready for an adventure of epic proportions, where every moment is a giant leap into the world of endless fun!

Two Meal

Two Meals Included
Lunch and snacks

Don’t worry about packing lunch or bringing snacks for the kids (or yourself!). Swing by our kitchen and grab some grub to refuel before your next activity. We offer kid favorites as well as healthier menu options for everyone in your family. See our full menu below for all our tasty offerings.

daily activities

Science projects, academic programs, open play, Rockwall and sky trail competitions, screened professional staff, flexible hours.

We believe in the power of curiosity to drive change and ignite young minds. Our projects go beyond textbooks, offering hands-on experiences that turn concepts into tangible discoveries. Imagine the thrill of conducting experiments, exploring the mysteries of the universe, and creating solutions to real-world problems.

Daily Activity

5 star facility
(safe, clean, equipped)

Kids love the colorful, ever-changing range of sporting games and interesting activities that require jumping, twisting, hopping and dancing. The activity-floor is driven by a highly advanced platform that projects the challenges along with high-energy music that’s fun for one person or a group.


5 Star

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