Group Events/Camps

Give your group something to talk about, by visiting Flippo’s Kid’s Indoor Playground and Cafe!
Whether you trying to escape the heat or a rainy day, Flippo’s is the place to be!
Packed with fun attractions catering to every age, our indoor playground is located conveniently in Fort Lauderdale, and caters to all nearby areas!

Group events can be booked Mon-Fri, with a minimum of 15 participants.

Advanced booking is advised. Socks are required for both participants and their supervisors. No re-entrance is allowed!

2 hours of play/no food2hours of play/with food*whole day/with food
Up to 50 kids$9$12$15
Up to 99 kids$8$11$14
More than 100 kids$7$10$13
*1 slice of pizza,1 drink, 1 fruitcup
All food is served in a private room.
Camps combine to reach higher number of people. Visit us 5 times, and get 10 free admissions on your 6th visit.

Flippo’s is organizing a super Promo for the upcoming Holidays (06/08/2017 – 08/15/2017)!

Organize more than one field trip/camp to Flippo’s between those dates and earn cash back!

  • 2 Visits – 5% Cashback
  • 3 Visits – 10% Cashback
  • More than 3 Visits – 15% Cashback!

All checks will be made out to your organizations by 08/15/2017, after we have calculated all your visits!